Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Fokus Pt3!

Assalamualaikum! Hye there :)

Apparently 2014 is almost comes to an end... :( *How sad!


*Tik! tok! tik! tok!.Times goes so fast...  leave us whos is struggling to find the meaning of life.. (sigh!!) Dream? :) Even it's, too big! to reach... but for me as 'Hana' nothing is imposible if you never despair! 

Yes! I'm 'fall'
n'... Fall again :'( 

Maybe no one noticed ? kan? *because when you smile (all sadness of yours is disappear) When I just recalling the memory 'sweet sour ' of 2014*I think it's worse to remain >< 

But I'll talk to myself later. I'll persuade myself to be more tough ^^
 it's okey! I'll repair every single thing that I've done wrong!  'Be brave to step forward'

Hana will fokus on on the big big examination ' Pt3... ' Even that I'm not even ready yet to be a victim of en.Pt3. 

Ok! then... last but not least... Happy new year dear reader .

*Make sure that you make 2015 lebih Oh sem!! dari tahun ni, 

(Stolen from atok Google)

Special Thanks to Mr.Father! Thanks 'coz  fulfill my wishes! (Happy! Birthday *1 January!) *Innsyaallah 7 A akan ditunaikan! :) hohoho 'Innsyaallah...'

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Happy new year!! *Cutii tambah seminggu (Yeahhh!!) :D : D * wide smile ><
-Sekian Dari Hana