Sunday, 12 July 2015

PT3 Challenges!

Holla Reader ! Assalamualaikum! Blog!!
*Ngeee! I'm here was typing my entry... Hmmp!! should you know that means I do miss my Blog and my super duper awesome reader! *Heee... how many " ! " I put here hohoh and that means I was super duper puper exited to post this entry....! *Because of ? ' ........ ' because of my Pt3 exam around the corner... oh! no!!!!!!!! so the exclamation mark doesn't means that I was excited, but it means I was so scared * !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

how can I continue watch Barney and Friend? Playing harvest moon? Pac man?  (sigh) and how can I deal with my stress?

You know what?
Every time, I'll cry when imagine that I'm failed on my examination.B'cause I really think that I wasn't be able to pass. Absolutely I'm weak to said that. But... hmmp! I'm just a typical human who always fail... I'm weak and collapse to face the challenge...but actually I managed to express what I feel! :D :D I'm tough like a rock! 

And I was thinking...
How could they did it well and I'm not? 

and I was talking to myself...
"Never upset on something that already happened!
but try to change it...

I've try harder to wheedle myself
Whatever it takes,I'll learn from my mistake....
just get up every time you fall!
just don't care whatever will happens because you will,
Force yourself to stand up!
and prove that you can did it!!!
Win your parent's heart! makes your teachers proud!

*Yeah!! aja! aja! Fighting! *that just how I be so spirited when fail :)

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Ika Ika said...

Good luck PT3. :)