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Best movie list of Detective Conan

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Hai! Hai! Hai! :3 *Arghhh! How I miss this Pink wall! >< hohohoh...
Nampaknya sudah agak terlalu lama dah jari ini tidak menaip. *ngee :3 Hmmmm..... so? 
haaahhhh! *how awkward! ok lah! kita straight to the point saja lah! *sorry! terpekat pula bahasa sabah cik Hana >< 

For your information,I'm one of the number one fans of Detective Conan.I love Conan so so much! it's was my favourite cartoon ever! after Sofia The First,Doc Mcstuffin and Adventure Time :3 
So, I decided to list my top 8 of Detective Conan Movie.But it doesn't mean that the other movie wasn't good.^^ For me,every  movie are super good,but among all the movie definitely there's a  favourite one *right? right?.I list 'em with honesty based on what my heart says >,< 
Sorry if you disagree,it just my opinion ^^

My top 8 list of Detective Conan Movie

  • 8.Detective ConanMovie12: Full Score of Fear
  • 7.Detective ConanMovie3: The Last Wizard of the Century
  • 6.Detective ConanMovie15: Quarter of Silence
  • 5.Detective ConanMovie5: Countdown to Heaven
  • 4.Detective Conan Movie10: The Private Eyes' Requiem
  • 3.Detective ConanMovie7: Crossroad in the Ancient Capital
  • 2.Detective Conan Movie 4:Captured in Her Eyes
  • 1.Detective Conan Movie1: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper

I have chosen the very first movie of detective conan as top 1 of my list because it was super great and excite .10 stars for Gosho Aoyama cause succeed to create it well even it was the most first movie. :) :) :) 

So kalau kamurang teringin mau tengok movie detective conan... Hana suggest tengok movie 1 dulu 'coz every value start from 1 *hohoh! actually suka hatilah mau tengok movie yang mana satu.Sebab semuaaaanyaaa best! *thumbs up



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