Friday, 8 December 2017

How To overcome insomnia

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 

H o l l a !

Are you having trouble to sleep? Luckily Hana willinng to  gives you some tips to help you sleepy! ZZZzzzzZZ 

  • Comfort yourself with cozy thing
I hardly to sleep without my bunny,and soft blanket.So,the tip is surround your body with cozy thing which help you feel sleepy.And make sure your bed is in a good condition,fragrant,soft and clean.And the enviroment must be just nice.Not too cold and not too hot *Acording your comfort

  • Do not check any of your social media
Well,the much you explore it the more high probability you can't sleep.I suggest you to turn off all those gadget about 30 minutes before your sleep time.Replace it with something benefit,such as reading book.

  • Drink a cup of milk 
It is really work to me.Milk is one kinda drinks that helps to comfort our stomach.To get sleepy you have to make sure that your tummy is fine.Do not get hungry.It risk you to insomnia.

  • Be tired
Ok.Sometimes you can't sleep because your body is still full of energy.You might have sleep at the evening.That is why your eyes is still fresh at the night.So to make yourself sleepy,you have to be tired.Do something that makes you feel tired then your body will less energy and you directly get sleepy.If it not work,then why not you use the time to do some benefit that helps to less your work for tomorrow.So you can take a rest tomorrow.

  • Watch Asmr 
This is one super brilliant way to overcome insomnia.I have been trying it till now.Just wanna say that it super work!

Do you ever heard about ASMR? If not,I would like to let you know that asmr is one way to overcome insomnia or to help people relax.

This is one of my favourite asmrtist.Click the button and feel the sensation.

There are bunch of asmr at youtube.You can search em.But I recommend you to my fav asmr which is Gentle Whispering ASMR , Latte ASMR  , WhispersRed ASMR 

That's all my tips on how to overcome insomnia.Hope it helps.:) And also sorry for the mistake that I made recently. I feel sorry for those participants. Huaaa...  I still can't move on. But a bit better after got a long hug from my mom. It hurt my heart so much. Why I made it...  But Mrs. Mom instilling me to go on with this passion. So yah, here I am again making nonsense. Hana not gonna give up!  Because she's cool enough to handle the negative vibe. Huh?  (Yes I am!)  

I would like to thank you for visiting! Leave a comment down below so I get to know who's my reader or just visitor.:) Till we meet again on my next entry.I hope you don't lose the way to get here ~ Phew~


Atie Zieya Atie Zieya said...

follow sini!!!

cik renex cik renex said...

Akk baru taw sal ASMR ni. lepas ni kalau ada masalah tidur boleh check youtube tu :)

ELFarahin ELFarahin said...

ohh this is my firs time heard about asmr.. gonna cekidaut later haha

Ninie Ninie said...

Wow...thanks for the info about ASMR.... As for milk, it doesn't either! LOL.... Some people avoid caffein at night so they won't have trouble sleeping. Whenever I have to stay up working, I take a mug of nescafe (once in a while) to hopefully stay awake. However, I end up sleeping safe and sound every time I do that! Weird...LOL.