Monday, 4 December 2017

Ways To Be Happy (my ways)

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 

Happiness isn't something you have to put inside.It's already in there.Just sometimes you need someone to help you find it! So,I am willing to help you feel happy :) Well life has so many ways of letting us down.At the same time we also have various way to be happy.

So here I share some of the ways on how to be happy.* It is actually something I do in life which make my life cheerful.

  • Help others

Helping somebody in need is actually the best way on how to be happy! You will feel something calm inside yourself after done something good to other.Happiness come when you decide to be kind.Stop putting yourself first.It only gonna let you astray.So help other as long as you can.Directly people will love you even more.Then you gonna feel loved and happier.Because your life is surrounded by the person who adore you in silent.It happen because of your good attitude.I never agreed with " Help yourself first before other " Dude! You gonna get more trouble if you follow that sentence.It's only gonna trigger selfish vibe inside of you.It gonna build a bad place inside your heart.So don't be selfish! Because it makes your life even more worst.Help other then you'll be happy! Try it out guys!

  • Thankful

Ok.Do you ever heard a quote " Be thankful to be happy " I supper agreed with it! We usually thankful for something good in our life.Just right after it happen.Not before but after.So what if you never got what you want? Are you not gonna thankful at all?

Huh? Ok.What I'm trying to say is... Life never be enough.We keep on ask for something no matter whether it is important or not.So when will we thakful for our life?

Trust me,you will be more happy if you be grateful for every single things that you have today.Alhamdulillah for today,I still got a chance to face brand new day.Alhamdulillah I have a good parents,alhamdullilah my negara still aman.Alhamdulillah I still manage to do daily routine.

You will directly feel calm after saying alhamdulillah.*thankful.It's trigger good vibe in your life.So be thankful every day then your life will be more happier and meaningful.

  • Exercise

Let's be formal.Ok exercise is one kinda activity we should do every single day.Why? Because your life will be more active and energizing if you fill it with such an adventure activity.Do exercise can avoid you from laziness and bad mood.Trust or not it's up to you.Experiment it by your own.Search any work out tip on the Internet and start your life with extraordinary daily routine.Do it with your style.Go! Go! Go! I wish good luck :)

  • Being around with positive people

Ok,well your life will be filled with calm heart if you being around with positive people.They gonna help you to get back up again every time you decide to give up.They going to instilling you to catch your dream.Directly you'll feel even more happy to have such as positive motivation everywhere.So avoid negative people and surround yourself with positive people.

  • Storytelling with the closest one

If you find yourself hard to be happy I suggest you to storytelling your problem with someone you trust.It help you to remove stress feeling.Less stress more happier.

  • Do whats make you happy which is bring benefit to yourself

Also,to be happy you have to avoid your most unlikely thing.Don't do something you don't like which is stress you out.Instead,do something you excited to do.If you like to sing,then sing.If you like to dance,then dance.You'll be more happy then.

  • Laugh more than worried

Ok let's be cliche.The only one popular thing to make ourself happy is laugh.Who else doesn't like to laugh?...I guarantee you have such a gloomy life.I recommend you to watch any funny thing which make you laugh.It directly helps you forget about your not so perfect life.hahahah.well sometimes we need to put our problem aside and enjoy something funny.Don't be too serious.Do your daily routine with joy.

  • Solat di awal waktu *Pray at the beggining of time

Ok.This is the most important thing on how to be happy.The more late you pray,the more not happy you'll be.Why? Because solat is the biggest key to happiness.:)

  • Don't overthinking it

Sometimes we find it hard to feel happy because we keep on over thingking something.Guys,nobody is perfect.It's ok if you done something strange or weird.It just mean you being true to yourself.Don't worry.It is cute actually.It's part of learning and growing

Mistake don't define you.Stop stressing it out,bcoz it's in the past guys.So be happy! Don't overthinking it.

  • Less expect

The less you expect the more happier your life will be.Bcoz something you don't expect suddenly happen when you do not expect it too much.And you definitely gonna get serious hurt if you put high expectation on something.So less expect than you'll be happy.

  •  Recite al-fatihah for parents even they still alive

Do it every single morning.You're definitely gonna feel happy all day long.It is my most fav tip! I find my heart calm after done it.

Remember that happiness comes from within,not from someonone else's approval.So Hope you have a good day tomorrow.Start it with a wide smile ^^ And don't forget to be honest on every single thing you do.Got that?

Thanks for reading or even just visit! I love to know your ways on how to be happy.Let me know on the comment section.I'll be more than willing to visit your blog. :)


Nurulatika Yunus Nurulatika Yunus said...

Nice sharing!
For me .. In order for me to be happy is when I spent time with family especially with my siblings! :)

Mizz'strawery Smile Mizz'strawery Smile said...

@Nurulatika Yunus Thanks for sharing! <3