Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Ways To Start Your Day

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 


Are you always have a good mood in the morning? How wide the curve you always creat on the lip every single morning? Or you definitely gonna throw the alarm clock till it crash to the door.*which I do sometimes... Then I think you should be till the end of my entry.

Today Hana gonna share some of the tips on how to be a morning person.
*she's gonna help you ~

How to start your day

  • Pray just right after you wake up
Ok.This is the usual kinda thing which I do everyday.It calms my heart so much.So what I want to tell is,to be a morning person you have to pray (make doa) after your eyes wide open.*or after yawn.Not only recite doa after wake up but also recite al fatihah for your loved one.Plus,it would be better if you make a pray in not arabic language.That's more great because you understand the words you are saying means you being honest.So,do pray every day then in sha allah you gonna be a morning person.^^

  • Smile and be grateful
Second,smile and grateful is a must in a day.You definitely through a bad day if you don't done it.So be grateful for what you have,say alhamdulillah then smile.Look at the mirror and tell yourself"I am proud of who i am.Im a 'mistaker' but I know it just the way to be a better person " Or if you think the words is quite cliche or something,you can change it.*of courselah.I'm gonna put metafora,anofora,hiperbola to my self motivation words.hahaha! ^^

  • Do little exercise 
Ok.A day without exercise is definitely gonna be a less energy day.If you want your day is amazing and energizing,I suggest u to do a little exercise or massive exercise *in case (Gua tak main ah little2 ni.) hahaha* every single morning.(alah,paling cikai atas katil pun jadilah hohoh) For me,it works well.My day always be like shining,awesome,amazing and brighting*till I need to wear sunglasses.Fulamak! So powerful right? ^^

  • Give some hug or greeting to the loved ones
I always give a huge hug for my mom*the one who wakes me up* every morning.Just wanna say,I feel like so spirited,motivated and ready to rock the challenge! Oh yeah... thanks Mrs.Mom for allowed me to hug and kiss you even if the time I am so stinking with some dry liquid drolling side my mouth. :3

  • Take something sweet or consume supplement 
Ok.This is the most not so natural way to be a morning person.But it's ok.Thanks for the cooperation Mr.supplement.Ok,what I consume is vitamin C and B complex.*since I am officially victim to Mr.SPM till now.Alhamdulillah,I always in a good mood since then.So,try it out!

Ok.I'm done nonsense.Sorry if it doesn't make sense or... somewhat.But I try my best to be a good motivator.And,to have a "what a wonderful life!" feeling tomorrow,you have to sleep at least 6 hours a day.*as u know* so then sleep early lah.You have an amazing day tomorrow! Oh yeah~ ^_^

Thanks for willing to sightseeing in here... <3 Leave a comment if you want to be my friend! ^^ Sleep well... Zzzz 


Atie Zieya Atie Zieya said...

Good tips to apply for my daily morning!

Fatin Shahrizam Fatin Shahrizam said...

Do little exercise? OMG, zzzzzz. Wrapped in a blanket!

Ana Suhana Ana Suhana said...

Semua kak ana buat kecuali yg akhir tu. Tu selalu waktu ptg br kak ana amik something sweet to boost up energy kononnya.

Salatul Zarida Salatul Zarida said...

have a nice day!!

Mizz'strawery Smile Mizz'strawery Smile said...

Thanks for the love everybody! <3

BudakVanilla BudakVanilla said...

nice tips and thanks for sharing!
boleh cuba semua nie :D

Farah Farah said...

Can't relate cause my day starts in the evening and ends in the morning. Hehehe *jk jk* Good tips :)

Mizz'strawery Smile Mizz'strawery Smile said...

Hahahaha ^^