Wednesday, 28 March 2018

How To Prove You Are Mature

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 

Being mature doesn't mean that you have to stop yourself from watching Cartoon,Barbie or adore your favourite Disney Princess..But it just like you have to be one's who handle your life wisely.

How To Prove You Are Mature 

  •  Be Responsible

Mature person are always take  serious responsible on their duty or daily routine.

  • Stop Complaining

They don't complain about the things that they don't suit or things that they don't have.But they work for it if they want something!

  • Easily Give Forgiveness

Those mature person are easily give their forgiveness since they know that everyone are 'mistaker'.Keeping a wrath or holding a grudge only hurt themselves and not gonna solve the matter.

  • Avoid negativity

They always avoid negative vibe to not get any problem in future.Instead they think positively in every perspective for every situation.

  • Accept yourself

To be mature you have to accept yourself and trust on your own  power.Mature person don't compare themselves to others since they realize that people are different and they have their own advantage.

  • On Time

They always on time to avoid wasting every precious second in their life.

  • Do not run away from any  problem

They don't run but they solve it wisely!

I am not that perfect mature person.:) But I'm hoping to be that mature one's.Heheh :3 It's just my own opinion.You can add it if you think that there's something missing. ^^ Let's spread positivity and motivate each others so I hope you don't mind to share your own opinion :D 


Gifta Good Gifta Good said...

What a great post XD Thanks for sharing

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@Gifta Good

Welcome ^_^

Atie Zieya Atie Zieya said...

i have all those point..
so i think i am mature enough? hehehe

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@Atie Zieya

Yeahh!! that's great hehe >_<

dear anies dear anies said...

lagi satu, sblm rs nk marah fikir dulu sama ada ianya beri impak +ve or -ve

Hana Chie Hana Chie said...

@dear anies

Yahhhh!! so true >_< hehe thank u for the additional point

Auni Sofea Auni Sofea said...

I just love watching cartoons..but still i want to be matured

Aida Hana Aida Hana said...

Betul tu Hana!! Nice sharing.. ^^

I am LZ I am LZ said...

Indeed Hana, as you get older, you grow and mature..

Azah Rahaman Azah Rahaman said...

terfikir2 akak ni dah matang ke belum eh. hahaha

Blogger Hanafi Blogger Hanafi said...

banyak juga kriteria untuk menjadi matang.

dan itu memang sebetulnya.

matang bukan pada usia semata=mata

Dunia Zumal Dunia Zumal said...

Nice sharing Hana...

Shahida Dzulkafli Shahida Dzulkafli said...

Setuju sangat dengan perkongsian hana..

farhanna jafri farhanna jafri said...

hahaha ikutkan semua, memang satu pun takde lagi aiyoooo