Friday, 9 March 2018

Motivation Week Challenge Day 5 - promises to yourself

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 

Day 5 - Promises To Yourself

Yeahhh! So today is the last day of my motivation week challenge! As a closing,here are some of the promises that I make to myself! which I want to share with you guys!  Hope it beneficial!! ^_^

Dear Me... 

  •  Mistakes don't define you

I promise myself to remember that mistake don't define who I am... past is past! which can't be changed anymore.Well,it's part of learning and growing that lead me all the way on being better person.So yah! it don't define that I'm worst.Instead,it teach me to be better! ^^

  • Don't compare yourself with other

It's okay to be weird! it's okay to be different! It's okay to not fit in.. T^T Please know that people are various! And the fact is I can't ever reach their point! They don't share the same mentality with me.But that's alright! differences is normal! at the same time makes us complement each other! ^^  So yah! I am weird and I dare to be different! :3 and so do you! Well,everyone has their own weird side!

  • Don't doubt your power

I believe that there's a fire inside of everyone... and even if the fire get extinguished,it still gonna be a sparks! and the sparks is gonna be enough for us to keep going! Oh yeahhh!! ^^

  • Do not stop until you reach a better day

Dream is a promise that we make to ourselves! and promises are meant to be realized.So no matter what type of challenges are awaits! I promise myself to keep go on until I cross the finish line! Coz it's a promise! =3

  • Remember that you are loved

I'd remind myself... for all the moment I was so sad,for the nights I cried,just to know that I didn't need to be sad and to feel depressed.Ultimately challenges and hardship lead to strength and courage and happiness,So worrying doesn't help.
I'd remind myself of my worth and how loved I am * because sometimes I forget... :')

So that's it! It's a promise so I have to fulfill it.What's yours??? I really really wanted to know.... hehehe if you don't mind lah! heheh well, I'm a good listener you know! Hahahah cewah! >_< So bye!! See ya again in my other entry Inshaallah... ^^ Not sure when... maybe after I got my SPM result hahaha kotlah! ^^ 
BYE! ^_^


Auni Sofea Auni Sofea said...

Please dont go Hana :(
Im gonna miss ur craziness if u gone..erm..

Shahida Dzulkafli Shahida Dzulkafli said...

Keep calm and relax.. Akak doakan Mr. SPM baik-baik sahaja..

Azah Rahaman Azah Rahaman said...

i know u re strong! good luck and all the best.

ejulz ejulz said...

jadi diri sendiri.. x perlu compare dengan org lain.. :)

Siqah Hussin Siqah Hussin said...

Dont compare yourself with other - Siqah selalu ingat ayat ni agar tidak rasa down bila nampak orang lain yang miliki apa yang kita nak. Bersyukur apa adanya dan Alhamdullilah untuk semua yang ada :)

Hans Hans said...

semoga berjaya

Raydah Raydah said...

yes. good one

Atie Zieya Atie Zieya said...

"Don't compare yourself with other"

No matter how hard i try not to.. but ended i will always do :(

Ana Suhana Ana Suhana said...

Just be urself my dear. U are who u are. There is something special in u like no other one. Muahxxss.

Ayu Ayu said...

Janji yang sangat2 best! Jangan langgar janji tau

anak denesor anak denesor said...

suka nya entry laki nih...jgn lupa update lagi..i is tak sabar

mrhanafi mrhanafi said...

cantik dan santai la English awak..

semoga mendapat keputusan yang cemerlang la nanti.

asri asri said...

tentukan yang terbaik untuk diri, keluarga dan agama.
moga berjaya !!

dear anies dear anies said...

betl kt ejulz tu... jadi diri sendiri... itu daya penarik yg ramai abaikan...

Azah Rahaman Azah Rahaman said...

menanti nanti result adik comel ni :D

farhanna jafri farhanna jafri said...

eh sama lah promises kita! Anyway Hana good luck ya untuk result tu :D