Saturday, 18 June 2016

D u n i a

Holla Belog!

Assalamualaikum.Selamat Pagi! Thanks a lot for visiting my super dusty belog!
*It's ok! I'll wipe it later. 
Alhamdulillah I'm 16 and still alive.:D
Sorry for being busy lately dear Pinky Diary. :D :D *I absolutely homesick with this belog.

Back to the tittle...

D  u n i a -

After stepping into the realm of 16 years,my diary of life apparently changing!
I don't know why? but that is it!

I been too busy to catch my dream.And sometimes I've forgot akhirat.
And I've been thinking a lot about " why should we being busy to catch our dream at dunia while we don't know when we die... "

We might die tomorrow right? 

Ya! We know it might happen...

But why still we forget Allah?

You have the answer but you don't want to admit it...

we are same.

half of my heart always fight to my mind.

Half of my heart said that it need Allah to calm

But my mind keep saying 'you have another important mission to reach in this world'

And I admit that my mind always win! 

I follow my mind...
So I put dunia first after akhirat.

But it didnt work!

It makes me stress .And when I'm failed I easily frustrated.
And my life became complicated...

" Kejarlah akhirat dan dunia akan ikut kemudian "

Thats what my father said a few years ago when I was 8.

I can't express what I feel but you have to feel it by yourself.
Put Allah first then there are nothing else to worry about!

:) :) :D :D ^^  <3

So just follow what your mind say.It might be good for yourself but also don't ignore what your heart are saying!

" Remember that we don't have power to know what will happen tomorrow .When and how our life  end "

Thanks again for visiting! :)

Monday, 6 June 2016

Marhaban Ya Ramadan :)

Assalamualaikum! Hello Blog!
sorry if I've disappeared for too long.*I just don't know what to post, :)

Marhaban ya Ramadan.... ^^
Alhamdulillah, we finally arrived on 1 Ramadan. *Yeahhh!!

So let's collect pahala as much as we can! * aja! aja! fighting :D :D
Make sure we make this ramadan more awesome than last year...
Cause we dont know when we have to leave.So we have to be really thankful for this favors

I'm just super exited for this Ramadan :D
'Cause I just lost one thing that I think really has been harassing me on many side...
The thing that really wasted my time every single day.
The thing that lead to sin and goodness...

It is...

" Phone "

:') I have been keeping it over one year...
But last night I've cracked it

At first I'm grieving *sudah tentu :D :D
But After I lost my tear about one big bowl... I've thinking that it such a useless
'cause it couldn't help me to fix a broken phone!

I've thinking about the benefits of it instead...
Without phone I can focus on my study! :D :D
And I just realised that Allah want me to be more helpful,take the time to do good thing, and  prayer at the beginning of time!! *Right?

So I can stopped my habits like playing game up late night...
* Even its hard to be apart with 'Harvest Moon Friend Of Mineral Town' T_T * how sad...

But Alhamdulillah.... ^^

Back to the tittle! * Yeahh!! Ramadan arrived!!
Happy Fasting everyone... May Allah receive our ibadah! * aamiin...

- Thanks for visitig! :) :) :)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

PT3 Challenges!

Holla Reader ! Assalamualaikum! Blog!!
*Ngeee! I'm here was typing my entry... Hmmp!! should you know that means I do miss my Blog and my super duper awesome reader! *Heee... how many " ! " I put here hohoh and that means I was super duper puper exited to post this entry....! *Because of ? ' ........ ' because of my Pt3 exam around the corner... oh! no!!!!!!!! so the exclamation mark doesn't means that I was excited, but it means I was so scared * !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

how can I continue watch Barney and Friend? Playing harvest moon? Pac man?  (sigh) and how can I deal with my stress?

You know what?
Every time, I'll cry when imagine that I'm failed on my examination.B'cause I really think that I wasn't be able to pass. Absolutely I'm weak to said that. But... hmmp! I'm just a typical human who always fail... I'm weak and collapse to face the challenge...but actually I managed to express what I feel! :D :D I'm tough like a rock! 

And I was thinking...
How could they did it well and I'm not? 

and I was talking to myself...
"Never upset on something that already happened!
but try to change it...

I've try harder to wheedle myself
Whatever it takes,I'll learn from my mistake....
just get up every time you fall!
just don't care whatever will happens because you will,
Force yourself to stand up!
and prove that you can did it!!!
Win your parent's heart! makes your teachers proud!

*Yeah!! aja! aja! Fighting! *that just how I be so spirited when fail :)

Sunday, 8 February 2015


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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Fokus Pt3!

Assalamualaikum! Hye there :)

Apparently 2014 is almost comes to an end... :( *How sad!


*Tik! tok! tik! tok!.Times goes so fast...  leave us whos is struggling to find the meaning of life.. (sigh!!) Dream? :) Even it's, too big! to reach... but for me as 'Hana' nothing is imposible if you never despair! 

Yes! I'm 'fall'
n'... Fall again :'( 

Maybe no one noticed ? kan? *because when you smile (all sadness of yours is disappear) When I just recalling the memory 'sweet sour ' of 2014*I think it's worse to remain >< 

But I'll talk to myself later. I'll persuade myself to be more tough ^^
 it's okey! I'll repair every single thing that I've done wrong!  'Be brave to step forward'

Hana will fokus on on the big big examination ' Pt3... ' Even that I'm not even ready yet to be a victim of en.Pt3. 

Ok! then... last but not least... Happy new year dear reader .

*Make sure that you make 2015 lebih Oh sem!! dari tahun ni, 

(Stolen from atok Google)

Special Thanks to Mr.Father! Thanks 'coz  fulfill my wishes! (Happy! Birthday *1 January!) *Innsyaallah 7 A akan ditunaikan! :) hohoho 'Innsyaallah...'

*Click link below for more interesting reading ^^

Happy new year!! *Cutii tambah seminggu (Yeahhh!!) :D : D * wide smile ><
-Sekian Dari Hana 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

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      Thursday, 4 December 2014

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      Wednesday, 3 December 2014

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      Sunday, 30 November 2014

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      Thursday, 27 November 2014

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      Wednesday, 26 November 2014

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      Saturday, 22 November 2014

      Our Friendship Never End!

      Assalamualaikum.Saya Hana.14 tahun ^.^ Saya ni new blogger yg baru menjinak2 kan diri dalam dunia blogging yg sampai sekarang masih agak asing bagi diri kecil ini.Tujuan saya cipta blog ni adalah just mau introduce hasil kerja tangan Hana kepda sesiapa sahaja yg sudi membacanya ^^. Kisah "Our Friendship Never End!" yg Hana reka ni takda kaitan dengan kisah hidup siapa2 k'.Just reka2 ja'.Kalau ada ayat yg tk brapa best dibaca Hana menyusun 10 jari ya! *Pssstt! saya budak baru belajar >< Kalau rasa nda suka bila baca tu,klik ja button "x" yg sentiasa comel berada di tepi tab tu ^^ *easy! kan? kan? -Apa2 pun thanks sbb visit! ^^

      " Mini Story By Hana "
      - Our Friendship Never End! -


      Bab 1 : Our Friendship Never End!

      "Mama! bila Ira takda ni mama janganlah pulak lupakan Ira".Kata gadis kecil itu dengan bibir yang sengaja dimuncungkan seakan meminta belas kasihan.Anak matnya sengaja dialihkan kearah lain kerana tidak sanggup hendak memandang wajah ibunya.
      "Kenapa pula mama nak lupakan Ira,Ira kan satu satunya anak mama".Jawab puan Sofiyah yang seakan tidak memahami perasaan anaknya ketika itu.
      Tiada balasan yang hendak dia katakan setelah mendengar jawapan dari ibunya.Hatinya pedih melihat ibunya yang seakan tidak kesah dengan kepergiannya ketika itu.Mulutnya sengaja 
      dimuncungkan sambil bersilang tangan kedada menunjukkan riaksi tidak puas hati.
      "Ira, asrama ja pun.2 minggu nanti Ira baliklah rumah peluk mama puas puas." 

      Mahu saja Puan Sofiyah tergelak melihat telatah anaknya yang buat pertama kali dilepaskan berpisah dengannya."Boleh tak Ira berubah jadi matang sikit?".Soal Puan Sofiyah dengan dahi yang berkerut seribu.Rasanya tidak tau apa lagi hendak Puan Sofiyah katakan untuk memujuk anaknya supaya hidup berdikari tanpa mengharapkannya.

      "Ira sayang! Ira taukan mama tak boleh lawan cakap Papa.Nanti jadi isteri derhaka.Lagi satu Ira pun tak boleh lawan cakap mama nanti jadi anak derhaka pulak.Nak? masuk neraka?"
      Ira menggelengkan kepalanya perlahan."Ha! kalau tak nak,dengar cakap mama ya!.Mama dengan Papa buat semua ni demi kebaikan Ira jugak tau!.Supaya Ira jadi anak yang rajin,hidup berdikari,nanti Ira tak payalah lagi susahkan mama."Jelas Puan Sofiyah lagi panjang lebar untuk menyakinkan anaknya.Akhirnya Qairah akur dengan keputusan Puan Sofiyah.

      Setelah urusan pendaftaaran asrama selesai,Puan Sofiyah pun mengiringi anaknya ke bilik asrama ditingkat dua dengan ditemani oleh Cikgu Ariani iaitu warden asrama perempuan.Cikgu Ariani menerangkan serba sedikit tentang penjagaan asrama Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Semerlah itu disepanjang perjalanan mereka menuju ketingkat atas.
      Cikgu Ariani di ajukan dengan beberapa soalan oleh Puan Sofiyah tentang  kawalan keselamatan asrama itu.Cikgu Ariani yang sudah lali dengan soalan-soalan yang bakal ditanya oleh ibu bapa yang menghantar anak mereka kesarama itu pun menjawab dengan petahnya seakan mengulang skrip yang sudah berkali kali diungkapkan.

      "Mama apasal buruk sangat katil ni ha!".Kutuk Qairah tidak berlapik setelah meletakan beg sekolahnya diatas katil tersebut.
      Hampir sahaja mahu terkeluar bola mata Puan Sofiyah mendengar ayat yang dilontarkan oleh anak manjanya itu.Puan Sofiyah tersenyum paksa memandang Cikgu Ariani yang pada mulanya berwajah manis kini sudah berubah wajah."Maaflah Cikgu,mulut dia memang macam tu.Takda insurans"Jelas Puan Sofiyah takut takut."Oh! takpa mulut saya pon dah lama tak bayar insurans" Balas Cikgu Ariani berbaur sindiran.

      "Kalau takda urusan lagi saya mintak diri dulu ya!".Kata Puan Sofiyah kepada Cikgu Ariani.Cikgu Ariani membalas senyuman Puan Sofiyah dengan mesra sambil menyambut salaman tangan Puan Sofiyah."Ira! kat sini jangan nakal-nakal ya! dengar cakap cikgu tu.Lagi satu..."
      "Jangan lupa solat,sebelum tidur ambil wuduk dulu akhir sekali cakap jangan main hentam".Kata Qairah memotong kata kata Puan Sofiyah yang belum sempat dihabiskan "Good girl".Kata Puan Sofiyah sambil menggosok-gosok kepala anaknya seperti selalu.Qairah memeluk erat tubuh ibunya seakan tidak mahu dilepaskan.Ada linangan jernih pada kelopak mata Qairah yang sedaya upaya ditahan daripada menitis."Apa Qairah ni,dah 15 tahun masih nangis nangis" sampuk Cikgu Ariani yang menyedari gadis itu cuba menahan air matanya daripada tumpah."Ololololo,anak manja mama ni!"Puan Sofiyah menepuk nepuk belakang anaknya."Ira good girl kan!" Bisik ibunya meminta supaya anaknya tabah.Sepanjang hidup Qairah itu adalah pertama kalinya dia berpisah dengan ibunya.

      Thanks 4 Read!.Leave your comment below ^^ stay tuned to the next chapter!  

      Friday, 21 November 2014

      SEGMEN: Kapas Putih December Bloglist

      Assalamualaikum! Holla!! Blog *tok! tok!! tok!

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      -Selamat Menjoinkan diri ^^ .Short entri!