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Advice for next generation of SPM

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 

H o l l a !

For my junior who's gonna take spm next year, here I give you some tips, and motivation to help you rock it! .I am willing to. :)

What should you avoid for several month before SPM? Which is starting now.

  • Gadget 
Ok. Let's be real. I know you might say, well it's too early to be serious on this. We still have time. Chillax dude!  Hokay!  I super understand it all
Well I said the same thing before...  And I absolutely regret it today, somehow huh?  Ok ,please please please sacrifice your time. Only for several month. For the sake of your life. Your life!  Some of you might say, yeah-yeah I can handle em. I can manage time so well. I know when to use phone, when to watch tv when to hangout with lappy. Huh?  Guys...  Trust me it is not gonna work.You can't stay focus on your study while your whole mind surrounded with social media content, drama tv, YouTube and so on. Leave those unnecessary thing for the sake of your dream. To get comfortable life. Only for several month. It won't take so long. Trust me. :) 

Also, you might say, I need the internet to search for a thing for my study. Ya ya!  Well once you touch your phone you are actually already put yourself on danger zone. A zone that drag you toward laziness, wasting time. It's a lot of distraction. Don't dare to touch it even a second. So put em all, your phone, lappy and anything related to technology in a box. Just in case if your parents doesn't concern bout it. Do it by yourself. Put it in a box!  Lock it!  Never doubt your action. It's gonna worth it. 

So what do I do when I suddenly need to search for a thing. Easy!  I ask my mom to borrow her phone, then yah I'm done. Got it!  Why?  Because I bet my mom only has such a bored app in her phone... If I use it for long time, she will definitely nag at me. See?  You don't have  way to wasting time. Also, if you don't get permission to borrow anyone gadget in case you have to do search you can use desk computer. Well, you basically don't like it before because it hard for you to bring it anywhere. Which mean the probability to wasting time is less. So computer using is high recommendation!  Got it? 

  • Low target
Ok!  You might target it low because you think it's not gonna work. And you'll be shame if it not become true. Hello?!  It's not happen yet!  What makes you target it so low?  You have mind, you can read,you have sense,what else?  Guys,  Please . If you want to have a good life in your future, you have to target at least 5 A and up on your SPM examination. Why?  Because it trigger spirit!  What kinda spirit huh?  What I mean is...  You directly gonna put on heaps of effort for it. Because you target it. Adik, miracles happen whenever you dream... To success you have to dream first. Create determination. And make it work. Make it happen!  Well,dream is a promise that you make to yourself, so don't leave em lying way up on some shelf. Work for it!  Because YOU CAN And YOU WILL!  Make em shock!  You going to make your parents proud. They going to love you even more. Your teacher going to surprised by your achievement. You going to have a great life. Only if your dream come true. So make it happen then. :) 

  • Underestimate yourself
Adik...  You know what?  You have a fire inside of you...  And even if the fire get extinguished,there still gonna be enough for you to keep going.Trust yourself.Anything is possible only if you believe in you.It's ok lah if they dont trust you.. it's ok! they said you're not qualify to get what you want... it's ok! They keep on knocking you down... adik,it's ok! you still have you to complete the mission.Cross the finish line! I know it's not that easy.But you have to at least try! Satisfy yourself not them! Clear your mind of can't coz you always can! You CAN! And don't dare to give up! Don't putting off your dream... Trust me it's gonna work.Keep going! 

  • Being around with lazy people!
Ok! I think this is important to be avoided since, friend is the biggest influence we need to face.Well,if you have bunch of lazy friends,please avoid em! Not for being rude or what,but it's your life! You are the one who control it.So don't surround yourself with lazy people,instead being around with aspire people.They gonna instilling you to catch your dream.

  • Stress
Stress is the most closest thing as a student.So how to avoid it? 
My suggestion is do exercise on your free time to relax your mind.Hangout with family,chill,riadah.But don't even touch any gadget! Don't dare.hahahah *pantang betul!
I recommend you to play any exciting game on real life not by any gadjet.*Chillaxe dude,it's only gonna hurt for a little period of time.Lama2 nanti biasalah tu.So just do any crazy thing to release stress but not related to internet and gadget,because I know how danger the virus will control you... 
Remember that you still put all those stuff in the box?! hhohoh 

Ok... anythimg else? Hmm.. 

And remember! It's your life.Only you know what is the best and what is not.Who win if you finally get through it? Who win if you cross the finish line? Who win? Not them but YOU! So do it for yourself.Your parents maybe going to be sad or get angry if you don't pass it well.But soon they gonna move on.they'll forget it.So do you? Life goes on... so think before you do,change before it too late,bcause it can't be changed if it already in the past.

Hahah! can't believe I can suddenly being emotional whenever talk about dream.Well,I'm obsessed with my dream.So do you?

 I want to take this opportunity to wish goodluck for my junior which is spm candidate for next,next year.Hope you doing well.Don't stress yourself... enjoy learning... And remember,You will paid by your effort! =) 

I finish talking*typing~ Thanks for visiting then.=)

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