Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Ways to not give up

بِسْـــــــــمِ ﷲِالرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم 

Are you give up?

Giving up is the biggest mistake we ever did in life! Why? Because you decided to quit! Means you not gonna try again.It left you with empty feeling*just sometimes...
So giving up shouldn't has to be a choice... So Hana wants to share and suggest some ways to avoid you from giving up.

  • Set new determination
If something never go right,go left then.You have more than a way to success.So if it not work by that way,try another one! Change plan doesn't mean you are give up on it.But you learn to make it work by some other way since you realise the old way only stress you out! * Hope you understand... (aku mengarut apa ni?!) ahahahah. Ok so if you don't want to give up,you have to set new determination to helps you success,to manage you overcome the down feeling,to avoid you step into give up site.So set new determination.Don't push yourself by the old one. :) 

  • Remember why you start
To not give up,you have to keep on remind yourself why you start it? Is it just a hobby?,thing you are forced to do? or a dream? If it is a dream,you are definitely must chase after it.Because dream is a promise that you make to yourself.Make it come true! Because It something that meant to be.... And you have to put high trust on it! Remember why you start.How you push yourself to get it.How hurt you been facing it.It is not easy! So why you have to quit? Then just cross the finish line guys! You always can if you keep on going forward.Don't look back,go on.It is almost done.It almost happened but only if you to continue it.

But if it just something you call hobby or passion,I think you should to take a rest.Just continue whenever you ready.But not give up on it,just rest.

So keep on remind yourself why you start it.Insyaallah you gonna keep going.

  • why you have to get it?
Lastly,ask yourself why you have to get it? Of course you do it for something good.You do it for something pleasure,right? Isn't you want it so bad? If yes... Chase it! Rock it! Buckle up! Something amazing awaits if continue it! Just keep on remind the benefit you gonna get if you through it then insyaallah you're not gonna give up.

I am not the one who never gave up.I always feel it hard to get something I want.Always!.But life never be easy guys,so it is ok if you failed.It is fine.You can always have a fresh start.You always free to start a new.Start all over again.But not quit! Try again! Until it work... Because dream don't work unless you do. :) 

Thanks for visiting :) I love to know how you overcome give up feeling.Let me know on the comment section.As usual,I'll be more than willing to visit your blog! Let's spread positivity! 

Written by: Hana at 9.37 p.m :) 


Raydah Raydah said...

one can never give up before the start trying.

Cikgu Iza Cikgu Iza said...

comel dan maniss je blog ni, rasa nak gigit2 je.... akak pun join jega segmen

Fatin Shahrizam Fatin Shahrizam said...

Never give up! Tanpa kegagalan kita tak tahu apa erti kejayaan, keep fighting dear :)

Mizz'strawery Smile Mizz'strawery Smile said...

Thanks all! Hana saja menyampuk kat blog sendiri hohohoh *Kengkadang kita kena mengarut sekurang-kurangnya sehari sekali.